Congregation-based Training Programs

Revitalisation Training

Our Ministry Development Officer Rev Chris Siriweera conducts Revitalisation Training weekends including a presentation titled ‘Towards A Healthier Church’ in which the following topics are covered:

  1. What is the Church?
  2. What is Church Revitalisation?
  3. Why Church Revitalisation?
  4. Symptoms of Declining Churches
  5. The Church at Ephesus - a Case Study
  6. Leadership
  7. WELL [Worship, Evangelism, Loving, Learning]
  8. Igniting the Fire - the Holy Spirit and Revitalisation
  9. Developing Ministry Teams
  10. Staying on Mission

There is also an action plan as a follow up to the seminar where Chris works closely with the Minister and the leadership to track any implementation/progress arising from the seminar.

Contact us to express interest in Revitalisation Training at your church.

Ministry Development Committee
156 Collins Street,
Melbourne VIC 3000

Ministry Development Officer
Rev Chris Siriweera

Phone: (03) 9655 1405

Secretary - Ben Palmer
Phone: 03 9655 1406

Convener - Rev Stuart Withers

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