Congregation-based Training Programs

These are designed to assist church families re-focus their ministry to include revitalisation. Part of this ministry paradigm includes elements of the “Embers to a Flame” program.

Currently, weekend seminars are based on the Embers To A Flame Paradigm, they include:

Prayer – Why prayer is the starting place in ministry.

Evangelism – A four-week training course if offered with practical experience. This can include a Saturday session on “welcoming and follow-up.”

Discipleship – Our role end does not end with evangelism, we also seek to promote discipleship in part based in the material produced by Dr. John Mussellman of the Jackson Institute (Ministers Family Camp 2005).

Spiritual Gifts – An examination into the role of every Christian followed by the encouragement and enabling of people to respond to God’s call for them individually and corporately.

Small Groups – A study of small group dynamics, why and how we can implement small groups within the church.
Vision and Mission Planning – An examination of the host community and current ministry paradigm of the church in light of the Biblical mandate for every church. We try to answer together, “What are we supposed to be doing here” and “How can we construct and action plan to attain it.”

Encouragement – This is something sorely missed by many. This can be condensed to one Saturday afternoon – but looks at what the scripture tells us about encouragement.

Forgiveness & Conflict Resolution – attaining and maintaining unity and harmony in the church. How to listen with more intensity than speak with fluidity.

Leadership and Preaching seminars will also be available; they are part of the Embers to a Flame and Fanning the Flames paradigm.

Revitalisation Training

All of the training provided by the Ministry Development Committee is intended to engender revitalisation of our churches.
Conflict Resolution and Mediation

“Embers” coaching is available for any that seek it.

MAPPING – Demographic Profiling

The Ministry Development Committee provides MAP profiles of individual community to enhance your understanding of your community as it currently stands and projected growth.

We use information gleaned from, but not limited to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the Department of Environment and Sustainability, National Church Life Survey (NCLS), the State government including the Melbourne 2030 plan, and local governments. The director of Ministry Development Committee is one of the founding members of Transforming Melbourne Reference Group, maintains links with Christian Research Association (CRA, Rev. Dr. Philip Hughes) and the Lausanne Researchers group having attended the April 2008 Conference. We are financial members of Transforming Melbourne.

Demographic Profiling doubles as both an instrument to understand target communities, to better prepare for intentional ministry; and secondly, as an indicator of where we need to invest in ministry. By analysing the state demographics we can make informed decisions on where to purchase property for future expansion, invest in current ministry that has a great potential but an insufficient platform to exercise the great commission. In other cases Mapping may help us determine where we should divest ourselves of current properties in order to re-invest the asset and expand within the same community. If sufficient time is invested, this exercise will help us determine the best locations to develop regional centres with a long term vision.

Church Assessments

It can be helpful to get a friendly “outside perspective on who you are and what you’re doing. In preparing a Church Assessment Report, our Director will spend time meeting with your leadership and congregation, evaluating the congregation’s current ministry (how it is connecting with and serving both church members and the local community). Examining the demographics of your area, and considering the current and potential challenges you face as a church.

Conflict Resolution

All churches experience conflict from time to time. It is incumbent upon us to resolve differences from a Biblical Counselling perspective. Using sound principles of mediation and those set out by “Peacewise” (Peacemaker Ministries), we attempt to bring about a Christ Honouring resolution. This is not arbitration of advocacy, but MEDIATION.

Ministry Development Committee
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